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Seminars & Conferences

Seminars and conferences
in the special setting

Seminars and conferences are probably not always the most exciting experiences in life. But what would you say to a seminar location in Pörtschach am Wörthersee, easily accessible by car.
At our Hotel Garni Joainig and Restaurant Joainig, your seminar guests can look forward to tastefully and stylishly furnished rooms, a spa and relaxation area, dining at our Gasthof Joainig as well as bright and modern conference rooms.

Our professional team will assist you in every way with the planning and also during your event. We will also be happy to take care of your last-minute requests. Our seminar support staff is always on hand to create a pleasant and satisfactory atmosphere. We can assist with the coordination and organisation of transportation, program sequences, menus and other individual requirements. 



For menu and buffet times your needs have first priority. We serve food and warm buffets exactly when your group actually has time and is ready to dine.


Our seminar room

  • up to 50 people (room can be divided)

General information about our room:

  • 1 conference rooms with natural light (ceiling height 3.20 m)
  • Meeting room can be divided for 10 - 20 persons or complete for maximal 50 persons
  • Standard equipment included
  • WLAN/Internet
  • An individual contact person and support throughout the seminar
  • Direct access to the sun terrace up for a breath of fresh air during the break or for group work (weather permitting)
  • Accommodations are available
  • Parking area

Rates on request

+43 4272 2319 or  

Joainig's packages

Bike Days "Schnuppern"

Schnupper-Bike-Tage am wunderschönen Wörthersee

gemütliches Biken bzw. E-Biken mit perfekten Rundum Service und tollen Touren.