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Traditional Gasthof Joainig in Pörtschach am Wörthersee

The Restaurant Gasthof Joainig
in Pörtschach

Restaurant Gasthof Joainig Pörtschach
Restaurant Gasthof Joainig Pörtschach

Restaurant - Kitchen Opening hours

Monday to Saturday 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

and Sunday 11:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Feel the warm hospitality of a typical Carinthia inn.
On our lovely stone patio or in one of our cosy restaurants we serve traditional Carinthia cuisine with a touch of the Mediterranean, a southern flair. We turn fresh, local and seasonal produce into culinary delights with close attention to detail.

Accompany your trout with a sparkling wine or a schnitzel prepared from domestic veal with a cold beer. Many soft drinks are also available on our menus. Whether for two people or socialising with friends or family, you will enjoy the delicious cuisine at Gasthof Joainig on the Wörthersee.

For guests of our Hotel Garni Joainig, there is a rich breakfast buffet with a selection of health foods. With us, a dream holiday begins with a perfect start to the day.

We will gladly reserve a table for you in our à la carte Restaurant Joainig. Please contact us at +43 4272 2319 or at

We are looking forward to your visit.




Joainig's packages

Bike Days "Schnuppern"

Schnupper-Bike-Tage am wunderschönen Wörthersee

gemütliches Biken bzw. E-Biken mit perfekten Rundum Service und tollen Touren.