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Comfortable rooms for the whole family at the Hotel Joainig in Pörtschach

Cozy rooms with enough space
for the whole family

Feel at home in one of our family rooms Lakeside II, Landart II or Junior Suite Lakeside. All of the rooms have an extra-long double bed with a length of 2.10 m and a pull-out sofa bed, so that you can enjoy your summer holiday in comfort with the whole family.

The holiday begins as soon as you arrive, when you enter the room. It is the first impression that ignites the holiday mood. In our wonderful new rooms you are guaranteed to feel great. With an eye for detail and high-quality furnishings, we have decorated our rooms with a great degree of charm and warmth for your wonderful holiday at the Wörthersee.

The Lakeside II room is for max. 3 persons, the Landart II room is for max. 4 persons and the suite ist for max. 6 persons.

We are specialists for family holidays … starting with the large family rooms for your holiday fun!

Joainig's packages

Bike Days "Schnuppern"

Schnupper-Bike-Tage am wunderschönen Wörthersee

gemütliches Biken bzw. E-Biken mit perfekten Rundum Service und tollen Touren.