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A variety of sport activities at the Hotel Joainig in Pörtschach

Being active
at the Wörthersee

fitness Hotel Joainig
fitness Hotel Joainig

In our Hotel Garni Joainig you can not only relax perfectly, but you will also find sporty diversions both inside and outside.
You would like some action after a wonderful day sunbathing on the hotel’s own bathing place, directly at the Wörthersee? Use our fitness room, with its treadmill, ergometer and weightlifting machines, or take a bicycle tour along the lake on our free bicycles. You can round off your activity programme in our rooftop panorama wellness area Skyfall.

Magnificent mountains and hills with a view of the Wörthersee invite you to take extensive walks and runs. Sport is something special on and around the Wörthersee. You can enjoy all kinds of sport (golf, tennis, biking, hiking, running, walking, etc. …) in a wonderful atmosphere.
We will be happy to book any sporting activities you wish, such as golf, tennis etc.

the ideal place for many sport events:

  • Ironman
  • Kärnten run
  • Wörthersee trail
  • X-waters (swiming at the see)
  • Golf tournament

Other activity programmes you can choose:

  • Table tennis in the hotel
  • Bicycle loan, also kid’s bikes where available and e-bikes (surcharge)
  • Reduced green fee on 4 golf courses in the region
  • Participation in the Pörtschach activity programme
  • Water-skiing, wakeboarding and parachuting above the lake (surcharge)
  • Rowing boat and pedal boat hire in the immediate vicinity (surcharge)
  • Motorboat tours (surcharge)
  • Wörthersee Card (from 7 days free of charge)



Always something happening

    Joainig's packages

    Bike Days "Schnuppern"

    Schnupper-Bike-Tage am wunderschönen Wörthersee

    gemütliches Biken bzw. E-Biken mit perfekten Rundum Service und tollen Touren.


    Stiller Advent

    Ruhig, gelassen und romantisch.

    Stiller Advent an der Promenade in Pörtschach.