Snowkiting & Snowbiking for an adrenaline rush
Try something new during your winter holiday

Are you ready to try something completely new during your next winter holiday? Then the winter paradise Obertauern has exactly the right thing for you!

Snowkiting – experience the thrill from combining skis and a foil kite
An adrenaline rush extraordinaire is waiting for you! The trendy sport of snowkiting involves standing on skis or a snowboard and gliding towards the sun with the aid of a foil kite and good wind conditions. This sport can be learned in a few hours by people with average winter sports ability.

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Snowbiking – on the go on the Obertauern ski runs with a snowbike
You can experience sheer delight riding a snowbike on the ski runs!  Experience a whole new feeling with this combination of cycling and skiing. The steering is intuitive and you can slide through deep snow drifts or do fine carve turns on the well-groomed ski runs. It’s easy to master even difficult downhill runs.

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